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Dear Friends and Backers!

Thank you for taking part in helping to bring our new SketchyNotebook Series to life. We would love if you would share our New SketchyNotebook Kickstarter on social media or with anyone you think would appreciate it. If you share the Kickstarter page or simply pledge $1, (so we know where to send you the file) we will send you the Basic Template in PDF form at the end of our Kickstarter Campaign.

We are a very small team but we’re striving to make the best notebook possible for you. To do this we really need your help. We’re asking for your help specifically because you’re a cool person; when you share something, people pay attention ;)

So please take a few seconds to use your popularity to help spread the SketchyNotebook love. We couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you!!

Tim and the SketchyNotebook Team