SketchyNotebook - The Revolutionary New Way to Sketch

How It Works

SketchyNotebook allows you to put on paper any idea quickly and in an organized way. You'll love the flexibility and freedom this book brings. It consists of three things: notebook, templates and bookmark ruler. SketchyNotebook is the only way to quickly jot down all sorts of ideas, regardless of format, industry or design. One book to rule them all.

  • Template

    1. Select Your Template

    Each template has unique guidelines on both sides, made out of PVC with UV print on top of it.

  • Draw

    2. Put It under the Page

    The unique templates we have designed are much easier to see, with zero distractions.

  • Share

    3. Enjoy It or Share It

    Tear off any page with a perfect edge for scanning, sharing or throw it away and start fresh!

Uniquely Designed Templates

We've spent a lot of time on the designs so you'll have the freedom to sketch easily with the precision to guide you.

  • Storyboard
  • Perspective Grids
  • iPhone Mockup
  • Web Mockup
  • Lined Style
  • grid Style
  • Storyboard


    The inner frame’s aspect ratio is 16:9 (1920 x 1080 pixels) and the outer frame is 4:3 (720×480 pixels).

  • Perspective Grids


    One point perspective drawing and two point perspective drawing.

  • iPhone Mockup

    Mobile App Designers

    Each display is proportionally scaled down from a 1136 X 640 pixel screen resolution.

  • Web Mockup

    Web Designers

    Each window is proportionally scaled down from a 1024X768 pixel screen resolution with a safety area of 955X600 pixels.

  • Lined Style

    Writers /Journalist

    Each black bar and the spacing between them is 0.25 inches.

  • Grid Style

    Graphic Designers

    The grid spacing is 0.25 inches and the isometric grid has a height of 0.25 inches.

One of a Kind Notebook

By working closely with the factory, we came up with a unique binding which allows you to easily and beautifully tear off the paper without having the other half of the pages fall out. (Fountain Pens Compatible!)



To actually make a project isn't easy on KickStarter. I get carried away with social media and friend's constant updates! By including a bright green bookmark, we're hoping that it will constantly remind you to finish your project and focus on what's important just by glancing at it. It has definitely helped me stay focused as I worked on developing SketchyNotebook.


Press Kit

A downloadable kit designed to answer your questions about who we are and what we can offer. For more information on SketchyNotebook, Email us at Enjoy!


  • SketchyNotebook PressKit1
  • SketchyNotebook PressKit2
  • SketchyNotebook PressKit3
  • SketchyNotebook PressKit4

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